Western Sahara Review

Western Sahara Review promotes the right of the Sahrawis to

It is politically independent. Its objective is to provide a forum for analysis, debate and information about the Sahrawi struggle. Contributions will include topics in the spheres of political strategy and diplomacy, history, law, economics, and culture.

Articles published in the review are the views of their authors, who may prefer to remain anonymous to readers but must identify themselves to the editors. They may be written in English, Spanish or French. Once accepted for publication, they will only be edited for style and clarification. The review will be published on an occasional basis.

The intention is that the review's content is original and does not repeat well known positions. It is not an academic publication – although contributions from academics are welcomed – but rather an attempt to provide readers with opinions and information with which to advance the cause of self-determination, a cause that is currently at an impasse. So, articles should be written in a style that is accessible to readers who are not expert in particular disciplines.

Proposals for articles for future editions of the review are welcomed, particularly from Sahrawis living under occupation, in the camps, or in exile elsewhere.

Copyright for the articles and photographs used remains with the originators.

The review is published on line free of charge to make it accessible to as many people as possible. In return, readers are asked to publicise its existence to others to ensure that it is widely read and its articles widely discussed.

The contact address for the review is: saharareview[at]gmail.com