avril 05, 2009


The State of Sovereignty
20th anniversary conference, Durham University, 1-3 April 2009 "Celebrating 20 years of boundary studies"
Contributions about Western Sahara:

  • Whose Riches? International Law and the Natural Resources of Western Sahara, Dr Dean Bialek, Independent Diplomat, USA
  • Sovereignty & Self-Determination in Western Sahara, Mr Emhamed Khadad, Polisario, Western Sahara (full paper)
  • Like Two Drops of Water: the Cases of Western Sahara and East Timor, Mr Pedro Pinto Leite, Secretary of the International Platform of Jurists for East Timor
Conference in Cork Ireland: Annual Conference of Ethical Development Action
Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin warns on ignoring Western Sahara conflict, Irish Times , 04.04.'09