juillet 06, 2005

Natural Resources

Fisheries: Letter from K. Scheele on behalf of the Intergroup on Western Sahara to Commissioner Joseph Borg, DG Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, European Commission >> read
Acuerdo pesquero UE-Marruecos: Pregunta a la Comisión por Raül Romeva i Rueda y Respuesta del 05.07.05 >> leer

Phosphates: Yara suspected of illegal trade, Dagens Næringsliv, Norway, 6 July 2005 -Norwegian fertilizer company Yara may have been engaged in illegal importation of phosphates from the Western Sahara since 1999. Yara now risks prosecution for this kind of import, but doe >> read translation by the Norwegian Support Commitee for Western Sahara

Yara admits dubious phosphate trade, Dagens Naeringsliv (Norway), 7 July 2005
>> read
Socialist Left party asks [Minister of Commerce and Industry] Brende to intervene. Dagens Naeringsliv (Norway), 7 July 2005 >> read
"Caught with the pants down". Dagens Naeringsliv (Norway) 7 July 2005>> read