juillet 21, 2004

Algérie-Maroc - visite

Sahara occidental : le ministère des affaires Etrangères réaffirme la position de l'Algérie , [Aps 20/7/04] >> lire
Revue de la presse algérienne : >> lire
Western Sahara: The Foreign Ministry Reasserts Algeria's Position
[Aps 20/7/04]  Algiers - The Foreign Ministry issued a statement Tuesday in which Algeria's attachment to African and international legality as concerns the Western Sahara issue" is reasserted.
"It is a decolonisation matter to be completed on the basis of people's right to assert themselves through the scrupulous and diligent implementation of the Baker peace plan for the Sahraoui people's self-determination", the statement went on. (no link)