mars 13, 2004

Liberté de presse - Freedom of expression

El Aaiun : Un photographe agressé par un commissaire de police, Aujourd'hui Le Maroc, No 597, 12.03.04 >> lire
[English translation]
El Aaiun: A photographer aggressed by a police superintendent
«Moroccan National Press Syndicate, El Aaiun Section, condemn the aggression of the photographer, Abdelilah Mouzahim, by a central assistant superintendent in El Aaiun (obviously superintendent Rabii Abdelhak). The aggression took place while the photographer was trying to cover the arrival of the Moroccan detainedfamilies in Tindouf last week.
The aggression is the second of the sort, since the same superintendent had aggressed another journalist, Mohamed Zaza, who works for El Aaiun regional radio.»