juin 03, 2009

Marruecos y Terorismo,...

Mali acusa a la llamada "Al Qaida" del Magreb de tener apoyos de Marruecos: España interpelada, blog: Desde el Atlantico, Carlos Ruiz Miguel, 01.06.09

(Unofficial translation)
Mali accuses the so-called “Al Qaida in the Maghreb” of having the Moroccan support: Spain asks for explanations
Terrorism is not often what it seems for those who read this blog. It is beyond doubt that “terrorism” often hidden operations maybe performed by groups of individuals, who are manipulated by intelligence services of some states. Today the French press is again accusing Morocco of supporting terrorism of the so-called “Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.” It is a fact that terrorism and terrorist groups are often manipulated. But it's more difficult to know who makes use of terrorism. However there is an old approach that does not usually fail: who benefits from this terrorism? The group called “Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb” the name that the “Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat” (GSPC) receives since January 2007 which came from the “Armed Islamic Group” (GIA). This alleged “Al Qaeda” is a turbulent group which has been manipulated by a state (mainly Morocco) as it has already been reported long ago. Readers could have read an article entitled “Al Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb: a genealogy of lies” (31-XII-2008) reporting the testimony of a terrorist (Abdelhak Layada), the founder of GIA, who confirmed that Hassan II supported attacks in Algeria as a retaliation for the support of this country to the Sahrawi cause. Now that accusation returns back. But it has not been raised by any publication. It has been reported by the French magazine specialized in African politics; close to the interests and ideas of the Quai d'Orsay (the French Foreign Ministry); a magazine close to Morocco and usually offers a “pleasant” image of the country. The magazine is called Jeune Afrique. In the issue 2524 of Jeune Afrique (24-30 May 2009), pages 38-39, includes an article on fighting against terrorism in Mali. In this article, signed by Pierre-François Naudé (a journalist of Jeune Afrique specialized in Mali) appears the following passage, which I translate: “Another uncertainty, from a Malian, affects the settlement of the Salafist: the tensions between Algeria and Morocco. “It is clear that Islamist groups will benefit from some support from Morocco,” accuses a member of the intelligence services of Mali. According to the latter, it would be a response to the numerous links that Mali maintains with POLISARIO. Indeed, Mali recognized the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) on 4 July, 1980. Among the existing evidence:
1. Morocco, according to the founder of GIA, supports terrorism in Algeria because the latter supported the Sahrawi cause.
2. Morocco, according to the testimony of a member of the intelligence services in Mali collected by the French magazine of reference in African politics, supported terrorism in Mali as Mali supports the Saharawi cause.
The question is: Does Morocco support or had supported terrorism in Spain as retaliation to the Spanish support to the Sahrawi cause before Zapatero became the President of the Spanish Government?

Citation tirée de l'article Lutte contre le terrorisme : le calme avant la tempête ? paru dans Jeune Afrique No 2524:
Autre incertitude qui, du point de vue malien, pèse sur le règlement de la question salafiste : les tensions entre l’Algérie et le Maroc. « Des groupes islamistes bénéficient à l’évidence de certains appuis du côté marocain », accuse un membre des services de renseignements maliens. Selon ce dernier, il s’agirait d’une riposte aux nombreux liens que le Mali entretient avec le Polisario. Il est vrai que la panoplie de l’armement d’AQMI, comprenant radars, systèmes de brouillage et même « orgues de Staline » (rampes de lance-roquettes installées à bord de camions), s’explique difficilement sans l’hypothèse de quelques complicités bien placées…