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By Carlos Ruiz Miguel , GEES, Analysis nº 196 | June 29, 2007

La propuesta marroquí de autonomía de 2007: demasiados agujeros negros
Por Carlos Ruiz Miguel, GEES, Análisis nº 196 | 15 de Junio de 2007


Norway: Phosphate Export from Western Sahara

Norskeid rederi frakter fosfat fra Vest-Sahara + ....

Norwegians Shipping Phosphates from Western Sahara. Norwatch 17.06.07
Gearbulk, a company partially owned by the Jebsen family, ships phosphates from Western Sahara on behalf of the Moroccan occupying authorities.
Tradewinds: ‘Can’t stop Gearbulk’
Norwegian diplomats want bulkers to stop loading phosphate in Western Sahara but their jawbones are their only weapon.
Parliamentarians protest Gearbulk shipment, Press Release 29.06.07
Parliamentarians from the UK, Norway, New Zealand and Japan sent a letter to the London-based shipping company Gearbulk. The company profits from the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara.


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The Legal Status of Western Sahara and the Laws of War and Occupation, Jacob Mundy, Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos GEES, Colaboraciones nº 1788 , 26.06.07


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Report from WS

Torture Charges Mar Western Sahara Talks, By John Thorne , Associated Press Writer, 23.06.07

voir aussi la Note d’information du Collectif des défenseurs sahraouis des droits de l’homme, CODESA, 14.06.07


juin 22, 2007

Natural ressources - Australian Tour of UPES SG

Malainin Lakhal: Africa's last colony still exploited. Australians are receiving, without knowing it, `stolen' goods from Western Sahara, Africa's last colony. Geelong Advertiser, 20.06.07

The Ethics of Fertiliser, By: Malainin Lakhal and Julie Macken. New Matilda.com, Australia, 22.06.07


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Négociations - Négociations - Negaciones


Statement of Mahfoud Ali Beiba, head of the delegation, 19.06.07
Communiqué of the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General for Western Sahara, 19.06.07
Déclaration de Mahfoud Ali Beiba, chef de la délégation, 19.06.07
Communiqué de l’Envoyé personnel du Secrétaire general pour le Sahara occidental , 19.06.07
Declaracion de Mahfud Ali Beiba, jefe de la delegacion del F. Polisario, 19.06.07, SPS
Comunicado del Enviado Personal del Segretario General para el Sahara Occidental, 19.06.07 NUEVO

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Press review and documents
Revue de presse et documents
Revista de prensa y documentos


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Thinking Outside the Box in Western Sahara. Spain must finally make some sacrifices to end a conflict it helped create. Rob AnnandaleAngus Reid Global Monitor : Politics In Depth, 17.06.07



Dassault annonce l’achèvement des négociations techniques : La France en passe d’exporter au moins 15 Rafale au Maroc , Mohamed Khellaf, Le Jeune Indépendant, 17.06.07



Dassault annonce l’achèvement des négociations techniques : La France en passe d’exporter au moins 15 Rafale au Maroc , Mohamed Khellaf, Le Jeune Indépendant, 17.06.07


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International Crisis Group Reports

Media Release, Brussels / Cairo, 11.06.07
Western Sahara: The Cost of the Conflict, Middle East/North Africa Report N°65 , 11 June 2007
Western Sahara: Out of the Impasse, Middle East/North Africa Report N°66 , 11 June 2007

International Crisis Group
Sahara occidental : le coût du conflit. Rapport Moyen-Orient/Afrique du Nord N°65, 11 juin 2007 . Synthèse + doc en Word etPDF
Sahara occidental : sortir de l’impasse. Rapport Moyen-Orient/Afrique du Nord N°66, 11 juin 2007. Synthèse et recommandations + doc en Word et PDF

International Crisis Group
Sáhara Occidental: el costo del conflicto. Informe sobre Oriente Medio/Norte de África 65, 13 junio 2007, Resumen ejecutivo
Sáhara Occidental: Superar el estancamiento. Informe sobre Oriente Medio/Norte de África 66, 13 junio 2007, Resumen ejecutivo y recomendaciones


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Press - Prensa - Presse

Food fight in the Algerian desert, Rob Annandale, The Mail and Guardian, ZA, 13.06.07
Fortune hunters eye Western Sahara oil riches, Afrol news, 09.06.07

Renovado interés por la riqueza petrolera de Sáhara Occidental, Afrol news, 12.06.07

Sahara occidental: Paris veut-il se dédouaner ? Liberté Alger, 13.06.07


juin 12, 2007

Conseil des droits de l'hmme , ONU Genève

Appel de la Représentation du F. Polisario pour la Suisse et l'ONU/Genève, 11.06.07


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Negociaciones - Négociations - Negociations

Documents - Media - Declarations .... [ARSO]


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Daily briefing by Marie Okabe Deputy Spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN headquarters, New York, June 4, 2007:

  • Asked to elaborate on reports on talks, scheduled for 18 June in or near New York, between Morocco and the Frente Prolisario, Okabe recalled that the Security Council in Resolution 1754 on Western Sahara called on the parties to enter into negotiations without preconditions and requested the Secretary-General to set up the talks under UN auspices.

  • In order to implement the Resolution, Okabe said, the Secretary-General has invited the parties -- Morocco and the Frente Polisario -- along with neighboring countries Algeria and Mauritania, to a meeting in the New York region around 18 June.

  • Okabe added that the Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Western Sahara, Peter van Walsum, will conduct direct or proximity talks as first step in the process of negotiations, which the Secretary-General hopes will lead to a mutually agreed political solution to the dispute over Western Sahara.

  • In response to a further question, the Spokeswoman said that Ban Ki-moon mentioned the holding of the talks in an interview in advance of his planned official visit to Spain, where he is now headed.


juin 02, 2007


Western Sahara - How to Create a Stalemate, By Anna Theofilopoulou, USIPeace Briefing, May 2007 (United States Institute of Peace)

Sahara Occidentale - Situazione di stallo permanente, Anna Theofilopoulou, Tradotto da Patrizia Messinese per www.peacelink.it.


juin 01, 2007

Negociaciones Morocco-Saharaui - Négociations maroco-sahraouies

La ONU cita a Marruecos y el Polisario para negociar una salida al laberinto del Sahara, Luis de Vega, ABC, 30.05.07
Confirmacion en la prensa arabofona "El Charq El Aouassat" et "El Qods El Arabi", Lugar: Manhasset situado a 27 km de Nova-York, donde la ONU organiza reuniones de esto tipo. Quatros negociatores de cada parte.
Selon le quotidien espagnol ABC les négociations maroco-sahraouies débuteront le 18 juin aux USA à proximité de New York. - Info confirmées dans les journaux arabophones "El Charq El Aouassat" et "El Qods El Arabi": Lieu: Manhasset à 27 km de New-York ( où l'ONU organise fréquemment des rencontres). Quatre négociateurs prévus de part et d'autre.
--> MAROC - FRONT POLISARIO: Prise de contact le 18 juin à New York, Abdelkamel K. , Liberté Alger, 02.06.07

According to the Spanish daily ABC the Morocco-Saharawi negociations will start on June 18 near New York.
Information confirmed by the arabophone newspapers "El Charq El Aouassat" et "El Qods El Arabi", place: Manhasset 27 km far from New-York (where UN use to organise meetings). Four negociators by each of the parties.