septembre 08, 2008

USA - Sahara Occidental: en dernière minute Rice veut régler le conflit !

La secrétaire d'Etat américaine Condoleezza Rice a achevé dimanche à Rabat sa tournée au Maghreb, avec des entretiens dominés par la situation politique et sécuritaire de la région, ainsi que la question du Sahara occidental dont elle a promis de soutenir le règlement.
Washington veut aider à un règlement du conflit du Sahara occidental, AFP, 07.09.08
Rice veut un règlement rapide du conflit au Sahara occidental, Reuters, 07.09.08

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged a resolution of the Western Sahara dispute on Sunday, saying she saw "good ideas" for solving an impasse that has long held back north Africa's development.
U.S.'s Rice urges end to Western Sahara dispute By Sue Pleming, 07 Sep 2008, Reuters
Rice urges Morocco, Algeria to normalise their relations, APA, 07.09.08
Secretary Rice's Remarks with Moroccan Foreign Minister Fassi Fihri, Rice, Rabat, Morocco, September 7, 2008 (web of US Dep. of State)
SECRETARY RICE: There is, of course, the issue of the Western Sahara, and the United States looks forward to supporting the UN effort there to find a mutually agreed agreement.
QUESTION (Via interpreter): President Bush confirmed in a recent message sent to His Majesty, the King, that the Moroccan proposal for the Sahara autonomy is an ideal proposal. Does Washington maintain this position, and would Washington maintain it after the next November elections? Thank you.
SECRETARY RICE: (Inaudible) to speak to what we are going to try to do ahead. We are looking for a mutually agreed solution to this problem. It is time that it be resolved. We believe it is extremely important for Algeria and Morocco to have good relations, to be able to trade, to share information, particularly given some of the challenges that the two face here, in the Maghreb.
And, by the way, that is something that I heard in both capitals, and I heard in Tunisia, and in Libya, as well.
There will be a new round for the solution of the Western Sahara problem. I talked with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon just before I left. We are going to support that round, that mediation. There are good ideas on the table, and there are ways to move forward. We don't need to start over.
And so, I hope that we can very much move forward and get this resolved.

"Ya es hora de que el conflicto [del Sáhara Occidental] sea resuelto", exclamó ayer en Rabat la secretaria de Estado Condoleezza Rice. "Habrá una nueva serie de negociaciones, las vamos a apoyar; hay buenas ideas encima de la mesa y existen los medios de tirar para adelante".
Una solución para el Sáhara, EL PAÍS, I.uis Cembrero , 08/09/2008
Rice ofrece la mediación de EEUU, EFE, 08.09.08

Mohamed Abdelaziz appelle Rice à convaincre Rabat de respecter le droit du peuple sahraoui à l’autodétermination, SPS, 06.09.08
Mohamed Abdelaziz calls on Rice to convince Rabat respect Saharawi people’s right to self-determination, SPS, 06.09.08
Mohamed Abdelaziz pide a Rice que convenza a Rabat para que respete el derecho del pueblo saharaui a la autodeterminación.SPS, 06.09.08

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