juin 30, 2005

EEUU - Marruecos / USA - Morokko / Prensa

Rice advierte a Mohamed VI de que no siga por la vía de la represión,Pedro Canales , La Razon, 30.06.05 << leer

La Razon, Spain 30 Jun 05 
US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, delivered her first strong message to Mohamed VI on the lack of civil liberties in the kingdom. The head of US diplomacy expressed her concerns regarding the Moroccan regime's continuos violations of freedom of press and of expression. Amidst recent reports of escalating repression by Morocco's intelligence and security services against dissenting voices, and the repression perpetrated against Saharawis, the US called on Mohamed VI to put an end to the repression and allow progressive voices to be heard...(summarized translation of original, in Spanish, by Western Sahara Online).